profileHi, I’m Michelle, a Video Game Producer and Designer.

About me: I earned a B.F.A. in 2005 at the Emily Carr Institute of Art of Design and in 2009 my Masters of Digital Media at the Center for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC. Since I launched into the games industry in 2009, I have attended GDC on an IGDA scholarship, started an indie game company, taught and mentored students, and worked with a variety of developers and publishers in production and game design positions. I have a volunteer and co-organizer of Women In Games Vancouver since 2008, a group that provides networking and educational opportunities for women.

In a momentary hiatus from games, I am currently designing and building a set of websites to publish Coast Salish audio and video language lessons and quizzes to the local Vancouver Island community of students, teachers, and Elders.


Expertise Summary        Ÿ

  • Experience producing/designing multi-platform social and casual games and apps
  • Several years agile project management experience including creating issue backlogs, bidding with teammates, estimating tasks, scheduling sprints and milestones in tools such as Jira, Trello, ScrumWorks, or Redmine.
  • ŸTeam lead on prototyping design, stakeholder decision-making meetings, and project design/scope changes to minimize project risks
  • ŸExperienced in pulling and reporting product analytics (active user KPIs), analyzing post-release metrics, and summarizing client requests or suggested product improvements back to team
  • ŸKnowledgeable with most common development tools and methodologies; quick to pick up or establish new techniques or processes
  • ŸExperienced with common software suites and production tools: Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, web design, and company-specific issue/bug tracking tools such as DevTrack and Jira
  • ŸDetail-oriented, proven multi-tasker, and a solid team player focused on producing high-quality projects while balancing scope and budget